'RASKAL' Happiness Bracelet

$48.64 $73.59



This beautiful bracelet is handmade using only our most carefully selected components: 

  • AAA+ Premium Quality Agate Stones
  • Choice of Frosted Matte or Polished Stones
  • 925 Sterling Silver 10mm Ball with Pave Zircon Crystals
  • Hatton Designs 925 Silver Logo block
  • Tensile Extra Strength elasticated rubber band core

This particular agate stone is often referred to as the 'Happiness Stone' as it brings joy to those who wear it. The added joy in this instance is that you can think of your beloved pet each time you look at it!

Choose from the following gemstones:

  • 10mm Frosted Matte Agate
  • 10mm Polished Agate
  • 8mm Faceted Tibetan Agate

The beautiful earthy tones in this Quartz based mineral give it the nickname 'Earth Rainbow' due to the beautiful lustre of colours present in the banded composition. It is known a s a stone support and encouragement and helps to elevate feelings of optimism as well as stimulate body and mind.