HATTON DESIGNS 'KRATER' Perspective Bracelet



This fabulous piece of wrist wear is made with the very highest quality Geode Agate Gemstones set around a central 12mm Sterling Silver ball.

The Geode Agate gemstones are indeed difficult to find and the tonal qualities vary considerably depending on where they are located. These primarily black stones contain calcite and copper mineral deposits which gives them a very striking appearance.

These stones are 12mm and are AAA+ Quality Assured - you won't find this bracelet anywhere else. Due to the difficulty in obtaining these stones, we have only a few bracelets to offer and won't be able to get the same again.

This is a serious collector's piece

Believed healing benefits of Geode Agate beads include:

  • Empowering the ability to gain clear perspective
  • Improving decision making
  • Providing clarity of thought
  • Helping to focus on goals and achievements


    This bracelet will not be available again once current gemstone stock is exhausted - get it while you can.