Malachite symbolises the rich colours of nature as the colour of money, personal growth and abundance. It is a very powerful gemstone for those looking to make a change in their lives or to turn over a new leaf.

It helps to bring energy and focus on new growth as well as to ward off any negativities holding you back. It is the stone of personal makeover.

This gemstone is renowned for its ability to balance out emotional lows and highs and, as such, can be very effective combating feelings of anxiety and depression.

Just looking at it will remind you of your connections to nature and that all living things are constantly seeking growth - whether it be physical, spiritual or emotional.

This beautiful bracelet is handmade using only our most carefully selected components:

  • AAA+ Premium Quality Stones
  • Choice of Reconstituted or Natural Malachite
  • Tibetan Silver Balls and Spacers
  • Hatton Designs Titanium Steel Engraved Logo block
  • Tensile Extra Strength elasticated rubber band core