Measure your wrist close to your hand. You can use a piece of string, a length of cutout paper or measure a comfortable bracelet. Allow up to 1cm extra for comfort should you prefer the bracelet to hang a little loose.

If you are ordering an elasticated bracelet like FOKUS, KOUGAR, TOXIK, KREST, KROWN etc then remember that you can afford for the bracelet to be exact in measurement as it is elasticated.

If you are ordering a silver or steel bracelet then you need to make sure there is enough allowance to actually fasten the bracelet. These types are meant to fit with a bit of freedom. There is no way you are going to get a 21cm metal bracelet around a 21cm wrist!!

IF YOU'RE NOT SURE - simply let us know you're wrist measurement and we'll make sure you get the right one for you*!


Firstly, remain calm - we are going to fix this for you! 

Your bracelet should have arrived with spare elastic/cord/thread/rope or link depending on what you ordered.

Watch this video on how to rebuild your bracelet. If you just want to know how to tie the knots then skip forward to 3:50. If you've just used a doubled elastic you can still follow the knotting procedure - it's exactly the same.



You can rebuild your bracelet with the supplied spares. If your bracelet is too big, calculate how many beads you will need to remove from the existing bracelet. If it's too small, decide how many extra (1 or 2 beads) you need to add to make it more comfortable.

It may look complicated but it's VERY SIMPLE TO DO

Simply cut the elastic over a bowl so you don’t lose any parts.

Watch this video on how to tie the end knot we strongly recommend the combination of overhand/surgeon/overhand...you'll understand soon :)

https://youtu.be/Iu0cGjYrIL8?t=3m31s  Ignore the gluing part

  1.  Don’t worry - you can’t break anything!
  2. Lay the beads out in formation in a line. We suggest putting them on a soft cloth so that they don't roll away. Work from the middle out so that you've got an even sequence.
  3. Check the rough length of the arrangement with a ruler - it should be a bit bigger than your actual wrist with all of the pieces in line but we will check this again in a later step.
  4. Get the spare elastic and fold it in half (making a double elastic) so that there is a loop at one end. Use the little piece of supplied V plastic to hook through the loop and hold the ends together. Make sure that the bottom ends align.
  5. Either grip the 2 loose ends of the elastic between the fingers of your spare hand or use some kind of clip to prevent the beads from slipping off.
  6. It is REALLY IMPORTANT that the first or last item you start threading with has a hole that is big enough to hide the final knot. In the case of the FOKUS bracelet, one of the crowns is ideal. You simply start threading (starting with the knot hiding piece) each bead from left to right over the little V that is hooked through the elastic until all of the beads are strung.
  7. Once they're all on - give the elastic a good stretching and make sure all of the beads are snuggled up to each other.
  8. At this point, lay it gently around your wrist to check size. Adjust if necessary.
  9. Now for the tying. Make a single knot tie and pull firmly on the elastic ends until all of the beads come together securely with no gaps. It helps to lay it down to check this.
  10. Next, perform a surgeon's knot to secure the elastic. At this point it is vital to stretch the ends that have made the knot and each side of the elasticated bracelet to ensure the knot is solid.
  11. Finally, one more regular knot and pull firmly and strongly until near breaking point.
  12. [OPTIONAL] A drop of Craft Glue to the knot (not really necessary with the Surgeon's)
  13. Trim the ends of the remaining elastic leaving 2-3mm tails
  14. Firmly slide the knot along the bracelet until hidden in the hole of nearby bead/skull/logo block etc...
  15.  If this doesn’t work, send it all back in a box and let us know your wrist measurement and we’ll build it for you!



It's important to lay out this bracelet with so the last item to be threaded is an upward facing skull. This is the only place where the large knot can be hidden out of sight.

String the bracelet as usual and pull the elastic tight enough to bring the bead and skull together. Perform 2 regular knots followed by a surgeon's knot and you're good to go. This knot WILL NOT break.


* Return Shipping fee of £4.99 applies

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